Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my 1st lecture

suddenly it head ask me 2 replace her lecture bcos she have 2 guide d MQA people.jz imagine within 5 minutes he gives me her syllabus n i enter to class.waa.that ma 1st class.i juz go through d intro.sumarize all the chapter to be learn 4 det subject whole sem.also how d kerimak being evaluate.i juz recall wat ma lecturer doing during 1st class.uhu.luckily class 1 hour n half jerk.uhu.then the MQA staff also sitting in ma 1st class.its a SPOTCEK.uhu.i duno til when im sitting ere.patotla all lecturer quit.d PACK schdule.d STRICT lunch time today seems i have to help technician setup pc in not juz a lecturer doing admin rest 4 nine hours is out of RULES!sure i said i can work under presure durin intbiu.but doesnt mean i can work without rest.huhu.yeai dunt wana list all d -ve things ere.but its come.oh GOd.tomoro im off.goin back hometown.pick up all ma stuff.clothes etc.then still looking 4 umah sewe. next week i will stat ma real lecture.owh.~stat think of newcore.


missy suzi said...

wakpe pack ngat schedule mung??
sian mung..
aku nye schedule xpack..1/2 kelas jew shari,2/4jam..jumaat xde class.ahaKs.
pastuh kt btauliah aku ek?hahaha

*pepon,chaiyok bond!!btahan!

semy said...

kelas dah tamat lol....loceng dah bunyik.jom balik