Wednesday, February 18, 2009

corporat outside corupt inside

today ma 1st day at new turn back is Lie! I have turn back my im not at all lecturer system engineer at baja config firewall.this is new things in level of life baja networking.during stadi we juz config switch.router.woho.i aleady sign d offer 1st day is nice.nice n give me non depress but quit challengela.being late at opis is necesary even 4 ma 1st day.ecteli thats not wat i intend 4.i have struggle to b early.but as long as i dunt have ma own transpot putra is d best i ever had..bua.but luckily no punch system.also when im arrive d ofis pon bolum bukak.opis yg aman with surau n pantri is better than mgudpn suda mule keje site.xpela.d jalan2 and d configuration is ma passion wat.oho.also ma boss want me to taking cert ccna and paid by company.also he do ym me to give references ccna book.cert ccna of academyconection at university not enough 4 me he said.well.well.i have to take 4 grantedla but stil i have to stadila.this is my way.REAL way of networking.having lunch also wif boss today.wani baya arini he said.owhh wani so feminine.bluek=p.the i said owh feel alike tomorow im giving notice 4 resign cos being bully.really i enjoy d family of staff here.only 5 pupils include me.and 1 admin.during lunch also we can talk as d way d lecturer post that i have leave.i cant stand of det post that corporat outside but corupt inside.with mesy management.owh.i dont wana list ere.juz i wish i can adapt wif diz new job.its quit tough but its okeh.uhuk.yela tuh.ntah2 esok resign lagi.waaa.nauzubilah.uhuhu.

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