Wednesday, February 11, 2009


as usual canot fix my body into the 811 train so taking 831 at ofice at punch card once gain appear red.meeting HR 4 submit n also sign the offer letter.n on crush wif ceo being late,juz wat muke sposen.bcos im not yet full decide to stay at kolej gmilang i request 4 d delay to sign the offer letter this evening but i cant seems the HR wana gather all my stuff, cert and etc 4 mqa i juz put down ma signature.EXACTLY no turn back oficially thats mean i decline newcore.owhh.isnt its fate?urm.i dun wana depress maself nymore.juz proceed.and then attend to room it head 4 some briefing.i got ma new subject and syllabus.hurm.then.goin to ma room.googling then HR col me 4 meeting MQA people.owh.4 ma turn we turn into group.mrkumar(business dept) and sri(finance dept) both indians originally from indian .talking but so many.while wait 4 MQA.urm luckilyy they ask me not too much bcos this only ma 2nd im totally prepared n bcome familiar n fel ease to comunicate wif people.imean 4 interview n experiece give me less nervous not such during attending ma 1st intebiu.also i can improve ma english bcos im use it english is very broken.but this is d chance to be better,redah ajerla.kan.

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