Friday, February 27, 2009

alexander graham bell

miss diz moment...

cerpen chapter of life 4K

status smase bond.bujang.mcari bilik sewe.sdang baja jd system enginerr yg mantap n adapt d real life keje.
mgulps baja config firewall.and 3com switch.mgu ni baja wat comply tech spec tender.
sound easy tp mcaba jgk to compare d spec to fuffil d requirement.
kalo aku silap pilih hardware utk tender tuh cmne?aaa.
sy sgt xcekap.smoge d mase hdpn sy mjdi cekap dan tepat.
khidopan sharian sgt best.baru rase ade life.sbb ade tgungjawab.
siang keje.balik p cari uma more mkn mlm.
menuju visi misi 4K.keje.kurus.kereta.kawin.
now 1k in process.kurus?otw.aha.insyAllah la kurus.sbb pg2 bjalan ke train.then bjalan dr bus stop ke
opis.then naik tgkat 3.tgkat 3 sound xmcaba mcabala wei.tangga die curam ooo.
so kpd semygendut pertarungan akan diteruskan.tolongla rase riso nk reduce back to my old weight
39 i have to reduce 7kg.haaa.bapekah berat badan sy?waha.
sbb sy nk kurus spy sy dpt pakai baju dgn slesa dan pungung x trase mancung sbb sua mcm fit.
kerete lak.lmbt lagi la ni.yg pastinye mmg xdpt pkai SWIFT sbb sy da set kalo salary 25++ baru leh adapt ng SWIFT.
woho.nmpknye tpaksela angkat ***** ajerk.ahah.rahsiela sgt.
kawin?ecece.gataila sgt.uhu.kawin ni chapter ke bape dlm idop xtau plan mesti baek punye.
yg slebehnye Tuhan tentukan.kawin pilihan kuarge?wowowo.
off story.kene siapakn kije suda berubah.manede mase main2.tgok nk update blog pon
tules kt uma siap2.komitedla sgt nk update.
Sy sbenanye baek2 ajer wif this kije.juz kdg2 mcm mslh saikologi dtg gk.
kalo bos ckp masuk bilik sy aku mmg xske ar part ni.
mule ar aku ape awk buat ni?kalo ceni ar kije awk.bek awak benti.
hah.ape nk ckp?sign outla.ape lagi.stendetla kan kije kene mrh.da wat salah kene marahla.
yer yer sedang blaja ok.
new thing in my life arini kene mail supplier tanye psl quot hardware.
bengongla aku.i juz stil canot be srious.mcm aku xleh bile org supplier col
nk ckp.yaa zawani speaking.d harware is bla2.we wana bla2.
owho sound so official.gilela aku ni.take time to realize im a woman not yet girl to be childish and
play around sokmo2.also i have take baja config spanning three.trunking.sume2
binatang yg xde kt zoo ni.waktu baja dulu kite ade baja ni now kene stadi balik.
whats d purpose config nde tuh and apply in real network and hows to config.yaaa.thats the REAL system engineer.okla tuh.
okla sgt.redah ajerla bond.this ur level of life.ok?BAEK!

p/s:sape ade tgok iklan bilik utk d sewa d w.maju text me.
sape ade simpan notes2 lame config ccna1,2 mail me.
sape xphm ape aku tules.bertenang ye.kkiena ckp my langguage
broken habes.xpela.ak mmg tulis ikot napsu aku jerk.
mnulis utk kpuasan.also to motivate myself.
skian update kali ini.
mmg pnjg cerpen ini.sbb smgu punye cite.waha.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


baru dpt col dr LMS.b4 ni jijah yg same2 p intbiu LMS da dpt 2nd time tuh sy da kije lecturer mcm kecik atila gk LMS xpngil pon sy 2nd xpela.last2 arini LMS col.i tot 4 2nd intbiu tp utk trus lapor diri kerja.waa.salu in life ceni.bile xdek satu pon xdek.bile da ade satu dtgla 2,3 mbuatkan sukar utk wat pilihan.kalola LMS col dulu sure sy pilih LMS sbb location die kt CYBER so bole stay serdang dkt ng kwn2 n taraf hidup saving laso salary LMS lagi arini baru 1st day at newcore xkanla nk resign lagi.GILE ke ape.ya Allah berkatila jln idop yg aku pilih tnpa wat istikarah ni.buaaa.i don wana regret.okeh.uhu.

corporat outside corupt inside

today ma 1st day at new turn back is Lie! I have turn back my im not at all lecturer system engineer at baja config firewall.this is new things in level of life baja networking.during stadi we juz config switch.router.woho.i aleady sign d offer 1st day is nice.nice n give me non depress but quit challengela.being late at opis is necesary even 4 ma 1st day.ecteli thats not wat i intend 4.i have struggle to b early.but as long as i dunt have ma own transpot putra is d best i ever had..bua.but luckily no punch system.also when im arrive d ofis pon bolum bukak.opis yg aman with surau n pantri is better than mgudpn suda mule keje site.xpela.d jalan2 and d configuration is ma passion wat.oho.also ma boss want me to taking cert ccna and paid by company.also he do ym me to give references ccna book.cert ccna of academyconection at university not enough 4 me he said.well.well.i have to take 4 grantedla but stil i have to stadila.this is my way.REAL way of networking.having lunch also wif boss today.wani baya arini he said.owhh wani so feminine.bluek=p.the i said owh feel alike tomorow im giving notice 4 resign cos being bully.really i enjoy d family of staff here.only 5 pupils include me.and 1 admin.during lunch also we can talk as d way d lecturer post that i have leave.i cant stand of det post that corporat outside but corupt inside.with mesy management.owh.i dont wana list ere.juz i wish i can adapt wif diz new job.its quit tough but its okeh.uhuk.yela tuh.ntah2 esok resign lagi.waaa.nauzubilah.uhuhu.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my 1st lecture

suddenly it head ask me 2 replace her lecture bcos she have 2 guide d MQA people.jz imagine within 5 minutes he gives me her syllabus n i enter to class.waa.that ma 1st class.i juz go through d intro.sumarize all the chapter to be learn 4 det subject whole sem.also how d kerimak being evaluate.i juz recall wat ma lecturer doing during 1st class.uhu.luckily class 1 hour n half jerk.uhu.then the MQA staff also sitting in ma 1st class.its a SPOTCEK.uhu.i duno til when im sitting ere.patotla all lecturer quit.d PACK schdule.d STRICT lunch time today seems i have to help technician setup pc in not juz a lecturer doing admin rest 4 nine hours is out of RULES!sure i said i can work under presure durin intbiu.but doesnt mean i can work without rest.huhu.yeai dunt wana list all d -ve things ere.but its come.oh GOd.tomoro im off.goin back hometown.pick up all ma stuff.clothes etc.then still looking 4 umah sewe. next week i will stat ma real lecture.owh.~stat think of newcore.


as usual canot fix my body into the 811 train so taking 831 at ofice at punch card once gain appear red.meeting HR 4 submit n also sign the offer letter.n on crush wif ceo being late,juz wat muke sposen.bcos im not yet full decide to stay at kolej gmilang i request 4 d delay to sign the offer letter this evening but i cant seems the HR wana gather all my stuff, cert and etc 4 mqa i juz put down ma signature.EXACTLY no turn back oficially thats mean i decline newcore.owhh.isnt its fate?urm.i dun wana depress maself nymore.juz proceed.and then attend to room it head 4 some briefing.i got ma new subject and syllabus.hurm.then.goin to ma room.googling then HR col me 4 meeting MQA people.owh.4 ma turn we turn into group.mrkumar(business dept) and sri(finance dept) both indians originally from indian .talking but so many.while wait 4 MQA.urm luckilyy they ask me not too much bcos this only ma 2nd im totally prepared n bcome familiar n fel ease to comunicate wif people.imean 4 interview n experiece give me less nervous not such during attending ma 1st intebiu.also i can improve ma english bcos im use it english is very broken.but this is d chance to be better,redah ajerla.kan.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


2hb-journey to malacca.meeting yah n sarah
3hb-visiting ad at hospital malaca tp ad da balik penang
4hb-journey to kl
5hb-intbiu kolej gemilang
6hb-itnbiu newcore
7hb-back to malaka.xbas.lompat dr semban tampin.abgzul amek kt tampin
8hb-hangout ng fid
9hb-back to kl wif syed daniel.teatime ng iman,hadi,zack.nosham.
10hb-1st day at kolej gemilang

p/s:i should make a check list 4 d person yg nk claim.sbb mcm bnyk je janji nk skangkang kera je.also xtau agi dpt x adapt ng keje ni.uhuk.nway wait 4 d turn.

lecturer network

so many things to many thing i had i got d life det i dun have enough time to fel bore.n even to update blog.i deserve 4 it.having my 7th n 8th intbiu that so luck.make me sick to making decision.being network support technical engineer at newcore or lecturer at kolej gemilang. after taking d location.d salary n stating my 1st day as lecturer network today.also i have another 1 week to give answer 4 new core.acteli even now im moving my post as lecturer stil im thinking isnt im not regret to decline the new core offer?owh..i hate to making decision.wat if this is the worse?uhu..i pray God bless this decision.n then after got d job another coling 4 intbiu beeping make me fel should i?urm.last i juz said suwi.i already got a job.the chalenges is all around wether i choose newcore or kolej gmilang.ere i have to face my student thats all d foreigner is my 1st day so juz to become familiar wif environment.they all so friendly and talkative.they talk to me.teacher..u r such funny.this all budakhitam.ehe.cumey.then 1 of them ckp slmt tgahari wif his weird slang then repeatly saying that til i answer slamat tghari.then he ask me.why u dunt answer me.then i said suri.i cant hear u clearly b4.oh God.i must to learn their culture.must to respect their lifestyle.ehe.trying to be nice lecturer.woho.i duno i can adapt this or not.some time thinking if im quit next month wat goin hapen?uhu2.stil motivate maself this is ma real life.i have to face new life.preparing slide,notes and test 4 student.facing multi race and religioun also their multi slang that i wish i understand.running 4 train in d morning n evening.redline appear on my punch card.owho.then wat else.urm.miss zawani.plz help d technician troubleshoot the network.n bla2.this is my life.urm.pray 4 me.