Friday, March 18, 2011

our new gadget

our gadget a.k.a our investment this month.
bkn nk show off.juz a record.bulan ini paling bnyk expenses.
but all the expenses is an investment for future,insyAllah.

our new gadget. WVA 615.
why we have to grab this? reduce monthly cost toll+fuel compress our finance that soon gona be much tight cos we gona have another new share holder members.
3.less use of WSQ 247, delay the time n cost of service also time n cost untuk tukar tayar n etc.
4.reduce the time utk ke tempat kerja.

our new gadget.medela freestyle BP
why we have to grab this? reduce monthly cost of susu formula untuk robin ensure robin got the best nutrition to grow up
3to make a longlasting bonding via robin

our new gadget.D3100
why we have to grab this? fulfill life requirement snap our 1st baby picas huhu
n etc
will think later


ruset said...

memule nk ckp,WOWWWW tuk the 3rd gajet..hehe.interesting!btw,via tu through kan,guess misused 'via robin' it?bile mu nak banok ni?hihi

hawadamQASEH said...

aku phm through/with the ar.tu i put bonding with a.k.a dengan robin.suke2 mu je tanye bile nk banok.haih.

NoRazUraShIma said...

happy bf for u n robin...
bf is a must k...akak pon bf anak akak sampai skang..cume mase dier 10months camtu da campur..huhu...

kayzie said...

hepy bf mumy robin..insyaallah niat n tekad kuat kompem berjaya..