Friday, March 18, 2011

the day is coming

its friday.
esok last reserve day then the day is coming!
our robin mengikut estimation machine is due on 20.3
mommy robin have no idea wat to feel
wat to imagine
n do nothing
juz count the day robin decide to born
speechless nk update status fb pong
dah hujung2 ni hilang positif lak

dear mommy,
mommy jgn risau.
mommy harus bersyukur God reward u via a chance like many people outside there wish to have a great chance like this.
mommy harus positif sbb mommy have successfully facing almost 273 days via robin in tummy its jus the time that robin will move out to the real play around wif mom and dad.sikit mase je mommy harus positif.
mommy have make a well prepration.studying.attending class.understand the birthing process n its time to juz apply all the knowledge gathered.
mommy no need to worry.pain is a must since the baby and body is working to move.dont worry of the pain.its absolutely a must.but mommy must to apply the breathing technique that mommy learn so the pain will be handle positively.ok
mommy no need to worry of wether the body and the baby gona work well or not.mommy have to trust them to work.juz free and ease the muscle to work.
mommy no need to doubt of wether mommy can birth normal or csec or etc.God lead it.mommy juz pray.insyAllah evitin will be fine.God know the best.
mommy harus positif,redha and let God lead it.jgn pikir -ve.
mommy jgn dengar ckp org.sume org xsama jln citenye.
mommy..jus stay positif ye.its almost done.
juz imagine how hepi daddy to have robin.
this is the best present for him.
stay positif mommy.

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