Thursday, April 1, 2010

d Best EVER april FOOL

april fool is not our culture anyway.

umor aku lg 18hari cukop 25tahun.spnjg 25tahun tis year bring me much to d diferent window of new phase.wife to be.yaa.thats one is great.the gret celebration insyAllah.but today i do face d thrillion great celberation of april fool.VERY FOOL n STUPIDO.

arrive at ofis in moning LUCKILY saw my chair full of not aware thats a sabotage.tot that its juz prank 4 april fool.then just smile and take my shawl as lapik dudok.then after hampir suku waktu keje no one yang admit d prank.then baru i realize this if implication of my action block some of application over network ofis.GREAT for the owner of understand thats the war declaration.thats COOL my MAN.hope u satisfied wif ur job.

wat a LUXURIOS feel of LOW CLASS STAFF to do d sabotage?


wat a PITY of it officer that being sabotaged juz because do her right job to recure network problem by block farmville and utube?is it a big deal?then whats d best result 4 d war u expect?i unblock the application n let u jusT dance and listen to utube or becucuk tanam while other people bz wif job?feel the winner?out of ur mind.

listen!!this is wat im gonna do:

2nd: Call MAMPU for d consultation and organize HARI DASAR KESELAMATAN ICT
4: and i will STRICTLY control the ACCESS of intenet only for OFFICER and some staff that really need it for work.not for ALL.NOT AT ALL.

wether this is happen fast or slow.but i will MANDATORY AND COMPULSORY make it HAPPEN.dont ever expect u have being pampered so long n it ever LETS DANCE of the war and see the winner.


1.aku regret.bile org komplen network down.we find a solution to help.then pupil sabotage?
2. Bile org request pukol1 -2 nk main farmville.we put effort to stadi the configuration of d OLD SKUL xbernasib baik firewall ni tadek function time. hanye bole set time nk apply the rules.tadek time untuk xapply rules.but how can people accept the lacking of hardware?all they know they want it no matter method to do.walhal sape saje yg kesah dgn hal utube dan farmville tuh?EXACTLY org2 yang dtg kerja tanpa kerja bukan?see the mirrorla. and
3.MUCH REGRET when people asking my assistant said CIK WANI BLOCK.while he do nothing to find d solution.and when i do he such as point the action for me sedangkan he is my only STAFF that should support unit all about unit IT is on my shoulder?
and much much REGRET
4.bile sume hardware,sistem and kerja2 org lame yg xtentu hala dan bermasalah ditanggung oleh org baru seolah2 d prob is start from early because of our mistake PLUS d person in charge beforela yang paling without guilty point to me?

ALL annoying and make me......if i say im down the competitor feel d winner?ouwh!

~~learn to be selfish and heartless

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