Saturday, January 3, 2009


meeting fwen of mine after 6years not meeting each
ezat a.k.a ma adik ipo aha.
thanks 4 an effort to ensure we have a chance meeting
also 2 che gha engineer yg bizimizi wherever she is


adikipo said...

heheh 2la tp jap sgt kn
pics pn xleh snap comei2 n byk2
nnt la kter wt reunion proper sket eh hehhe
pape pn sronak meeting kakipo again!:D

nike shoes said...

Very good!

:: !zyan :: said...

it seems that our high-school frens (aka scipp) r alwiz be the precious ones kan bond kan?

sbb kite boarding school ke eh? rase bonding amat best dgn mereka2.

hawadamQASEH said... hink bcos we have a long distance frenship.once meting each mcm so meaningla.if jupe da salu2 xdekla touching sgt,kan,err.

FiDieYaaa said...

ala nak jumpe jugak!!!

adikipo+pu ipo said...

tu la skmo xleh jmpe pupu ipo
cuti xsm je huhu

hawadamQASEH said...

ahah.a lil reunion ere.

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hawadamQASEH said...

err thanks 4 d complimenting.but im not as good!im learn!

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