Monday, December 29, 2008

muharam 1430

i text to a plenty of click a.k.a close fwen wishing salam maal hijrah.semoge d new year give us rezki and 'jodoh' it d in bracket word of jodoh sound so mnarek?aha.well. mom suggest we all fasting 2morow as warm welcome 4 new year.but she cant join us since she have an event 'makan2'.exactly attending d walimatulurus iz wajib and fasting is sunat.d priority is absolutely undoubt.wat abous us?3 siblings left ome.insyAllah.i have jot down personaaly d 'azam baru'.smoge its accomplish well.


missy suzi said...

layout baru!!cun!!wei,hepi new year~

hawadamQASEH said...

aha.thnks 4 d layout ni agak myusahkan.sbb kcil space die.skian trmekaseh=p