Monday, November 3, 2008

kisah ac :: d fresh civil engineer

lack of story of mine.lets spread ac's diary.iduno y ma pages is full of ac's storimori maybe i shuld share wif her diz blog.huahahah.a tragedy was yesterday.while her car waz batery empty suddenly.then she col her mom to fetch.wat a bad day 4 ac.her 1st salary that she sould treat me for PIZZA that left skangkang kera (gaji utk kije 2mgu deduct EPF,SOSCO n etc) have to waste 4 charge of troubleshooting d sharing d sadness since ac cant treat me PIZZA sensation delight rm7.95 only.WAH!!murahnye(via intonation) today ac cant have lunch wif me coz of OUR left side leg broken.we juz share our childhood stori in YM.xle paste.bole mjatuhkan maruah ac yg nmpk macho tp down jgk sometimes.haae2.nomel r kan.i find no more most longer fren i spent with else than ac coz we share d same scooll and colege till end.hurm smoge ac berHIDUP dgn TABAH.ingat.seseunguhnye kbanyakkan penghuni syurga adalah org yg miskin.bkn org output any sigh or cry!!berTAHAN!!end of story


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